This week’s  Five minute Friday prompt word is hold. You can join in the fun here:  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow. #fiveminuteFriday

My hand you held when I was small
But I let your grasp slip away
Thinking I knew it all
Why do I need to hold a hand
I'm capable alone

Although you were always only a few steps behind
Keeping a watchful eye
You saw me taking wrong paths and choices
But you never looked away

When I chose to make you mine
I took those hands with scars where pierced
Thanking you from my heart
For never letting me go

Your hand I hold once more
Tighter than before
Please keep that grip so tight Lord Jesus
Removing all my fear
Keeping me on the straight path
Never leave my side.

24 thoughts on “Hold my hand

  1. This is SO GOOD, Loretta!

    Apropos nothing, I just had a memory of holding hands, from long ago. The outcome was a bit different.

    Hope you’ll enjoy this, or at least not groan to loudly.

    I once walked with a chimpanzee,
    hand in hand, ’twas really neat,
    and then the ape, it had to pee,
    and peed unto my feet.
    It started jumping up and down
    (of course, not letting go my hand),
    and as my Nikes sadly drowned,
    I think I came to undertand
    that though we share some DNA,
    these critters aren’t so very bright;
    for them, excretion is as play,
    and so I think I might
    not choose again the chimp-house path;
    don’t need another urine-bath.

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