I don’t know if it’s because I live on a island, or because of how I perceive my nation in my heart but this first part of Isaiah really jumped out at me this morning.

The island that I live on
Needs time to be still
For the majority of people are  distracted by the lie
"It's all about money and me, me,me"

Make time for God he is not a myth
Stop making life too busy even in whatever this is.
Lets stop stumbling in the dark
Fingers crossed
This plan works

Let this pandemic make us think
About being still
Looking for more
For light to break through and show the way.

The government and their latest ploy
From five to three
With six inbetween
Numbers and statistics everywhere
It's time to get personal
Reflect and care

In the newsflash of doom and gloom
There is a group of people
On its knees
Praying for healing
Hope and eyes to be opened
Wanting the nation to completely be still

The pandemic these people want to cure
Is hearts that have turned cold and heads that are hard
Revival is needed in this land
To see miracles flowing
Hope floating
Hearts dancing

It is time for this nation
To refresh it's dry bones
To come alive
Open it's eyes
To look beyond the lie
Get on its knees and be still
To give our hearts back to God and turn tears into dancing.

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