I can listen and be still to others but am not so good at it when it comes to God.

How do I truly listen to you God?
Sometimes I get it so wrong
Being still is not my thing
I'm too busy like Martha
With too much to do
I'm not known for sitting still.

How do I listen to a God so devine
In a house that feels so busy
In fact I secretly like it this way
But there's no time to be me
Or calm my mind
Let alone sitting next to Jesus patiently.

Please Jesus open my eyes and ears
Knowing it's ok to sit still
After praying
While having a cuppa
Lets start a conversation
Where you lead
A time to sit still and focus on you

Take digression and throw it away
Along with awkwardness and thoughts of tidying away
Let me just be still and listen to you

Photo: Goring by Sea

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