On another trip up the M23 to visit our oldest, my husband commented that roadworks on the M23 are now over and it is a fully smart motorway. In true Christian fashion I responded with “Praise the Lord it is finished”

I then paused and started thinking of what Jesus said at the end. “It is finished.”

This made me put my words into context and what I really should be praising the Lord for. Yes I am happy we are no longer weaving out of cones and speed limit restrictions. But there is something far more lasting and meaning in what Jesus said, and I should be praising the Lord because once Jesus died for you and me, it truly was finished and nothing can ever change that.

As I write this I ponder what “It is finished” truly means.

When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

John 19:30

I do praise the Lord God loudly and thankfully because he sent is only child to die for all my sin, wrong doing and nasties. God did this because he knows I can’t follow rules and not always on purpose still mess up and cause hurt and heartache to other’s and God himself.

In moments of weakness I still sin.

Because of Jesus I have an eternal live with him long after I leave this world.

Because of Jesus I am free in this world of fear, doubt, hatred, anger, jealousy, anxiety, stress and much more. It isn’t always easy to let these things go, but the Holy Spirit is with us to help guide and keep us on track.

It is finished because nothing can take that away. Absolutely nothing.

I praise the Lord that it is finished. The moment I accepted Jesus and he saved me. Hallelujah Amen.

Photo copyright New Civil Engineer.

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