Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is Could. You can join in the fun here:  As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow.

I could of been a doctor, lawyer or teacher,
If I only tried harder at school,
I could of been a pastor, minister or missionary,
If I decided bible school was my thing.
I could be 6ft tall if nature didn't have it's way,
4ft 11" is good enough for me.
I could of been rich if I had that one idea,
An entrepreneur, celebrity or more.

But coulda, shoulda, woulda is only a mindset,
I am rich in ways beyond this world,
I have health and family,
And most importantly,
a God that loves me so.

My identity is in Christ,
And nothing else.
I am defined by Jesus not anything else.
Could does not exist in a person of love and forgiveness. 
I am who I am,
Faults and all,
Created to love and share Jesus to all.
I could be anything in this world,
But I chose to follow Jesus,
And do best I can do,
to show his love, grace and mercy along the way,
Spreading the gospel in every way.

27 thoughts on “Coulda doesn’t define you.

  1. “Coulda is only a mindset, I’m rich in ways beyond this world”. I will keep these words in my heart as a reminder that “I am defined by Jesus not anything else”. Thank you for this beautiful poem. FMF #5


  2. I could have been a contender,
    I could have been a star,
    but I am no pretender,
    and that’s just not how things are.
    Some folks have said I’ve wasted
    the talent I was given.
    Fame and fortune, never chased it;
    I was too busy livin’.
    Now cancer’s got the upper hand,
    and it’s clearer every day,
    but I hope you understand
    that I don’t resent the way
    that it’s all turned out for me,
    for beyond the grave lies Victory.

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  3. Your post made me think of this Tiffany song. Obscure 80s music quote to follow:
    “When I think about
    What could’ve been
    It makes me want to cry …
    Could’ve been so beautiful
    Could’ve been so right
    I’ll never hold what could’ve been
    On a cold and lonely night”
    Amie, FMF #12


  4. “My identity is in Christ,
    And nothing else.”
    Such a wonderful reminder of where our true identity comes from!
    Annie FMF #26


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