Whatever normal is, it still isn’t here. Stuck in a pandemic with a new season approaching. COVID has made the year go fast and it won’t stop the year changing seasons. So for people like me who love summer and can feel it slipping away here is a poem to help us cling to joy.

It's only late summer,
August not quite ended.
So why am I letting it bother me so?
Stealing my joy with autumn pending.

The nights are getting longer,
The daylight hours shorter.
Counting down to the shortest day,
Instead of making the most of the sun,
And all the fun it brings.

Leaves are turning golden brown,
And falling all around.
The summer heat fading fast,
Faithful when in need.

There is no reason I should feel this way,
Doom and depression,
try seeping into cracks.

Seasons come and seasons go,
But my God remains the same.
So faithful,providing joy,
My strength,my hope,my all.

Whatever the season,
Jesus fill me with your joy.
Let the dark fade to dust,
And light shine all around.

Let the reds,golds and browns of autumn leaves sparkle,
Let them crack and snap as we snuggle and jump on them.

May the crisp air bring the stars,
Lights leading us home,
As we countdown to Christmas,
Celebrating your birth.

Summer,autumn,spring And winter,
Jesus your our only king,
With us every day, helping us find the way,
And providing limitless joy.

2 thoughts on “Don’t let autumn steal your joy.

  1. The other day I was wondering which season is my favourite and decided on them all! I enjoy looking forward to each one and the weather, plants, animals and celebrations each brings…I enjoy being in them and towards the end of them I get a bit restless to be rid of it and that’s when I look forward to the next! And so it goes on.
    Lockdown has done my mental health the world of good…the pressure is off…it has also been a fabulous opportunity to get into my Bible and I’ve got more out of it and understood it more than ever before. I used to find it a bit..well…tedious and hard to understand. But as I’m getting my head around it I find myself eager to get to it each day. And your help and encouragement Loretta has been wonderful…not only recently, but for years. I don’t now how you’ve put up with my questions and failings sometimes but I am so very glad you did! ❤

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