Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is Mercy You can join in the fun here: As a writing community we write for 5 minutes(ish) no perfection or edits, the words just flow.

mercy – noun – compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.

I am not going lie or sugar coat things but being a Christian is hard. There are times when situations of the world take control and following God’s will is hard. But we need to lean on him in those times to keep our minds and hearts on track. God is full of mercy and we have to be too, however hard that is.

Lord forgive me as I am not feeling merciful today,
This is wrong and not of you.
I repent for my feelings but they are struggling to go away.
I am left feeling victimised, discriminated against.
Give me a heart of love,
Full of mercy and forgiveness,
To everyone around me no matter what their actions.
Let my actions today be from you, mirroring yours on earth.
Let me stand firm in your teachings,
Filled with your Spirit knowing whatever is going on all around that is nothing compared to losing you.
Keep me in your armour and fill me with the fruit of your spirit,
And let me show mercy to others as you have shown to me,
Let your cross be the picture I carry today.

20 thoughts on “A prayer for mercy in adversity

  1. ‘Let my actions today be from you, mirroring yours on earth’ – thank you for this reminder and for this whole prayer. It is sometimes hard to do things as Jesus would have but with the help of His spirit we are able to show mercy.


  2. Your words helped me think of an area of my life that I struggle with mercy. It was tucked away where the most malicious of sin is found. Thank you for helping to expose it.
    Amie, FMF #11

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  3. Lord, let me show mercy,
    let me reach out in love
    to offer gentle courtesy
    for these go hand in glove
    with the life I’ve chosen,
    this rugged Christian road
    where ego must be broken
    and self-love must be stowed
    away for transformation
    by a relentless Saviour,
    and at my destination
    I’ll find I love my neighbour
    as myself, and he became
    a brother who will do the same.

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  4. So beautiful! I love this so much! May we remember the mercy God has given all of us so we can give that mercy to others. It most definitely isn’t easy though and we need His strength to do it.


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