What happened to your cross Jesus,
After your body was taken down.
Did it stand there for days, months and years,
Symbolic of all you did.
Did your haters,the people that deny you,
Dipose of it straight away,
Scared of knowing what it meant,
That you alone are Lord.

Is your cross in heaven?
I'm sure you don't need it there.
Your cross is an earthly thing and lives inside my heart.
It reminds me of all you've done,
Taking away my sin.
This came at such a cost,
Your life, for me in eternity.

I look at my cross today,
The grace I don't deserve.
Such a grateful heart,
That reflects only a fraction of yours.
Let your cross shine within me,
In everything I do,
Sharing your truth and gift of grace,
That is free to all.
God grace free to all.

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