Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is progress You can join in the fun here:

So I saw the word progress pop up and thought “Nah too difficult, to hot think I will leave it”

I then decided to sit in the garden and for lunch and looking at some flowers it made me think about progress.

The flowers in the photo above were brought and picked out by my husband in a garden clearance section for £2. I was obviously very ashamed of these flowers and didn’t think they would last or were worth taking a photo off at the beginning.

The flowers when brought were barely alive. They had one bloom falling off and the leaves were brown and wilted for days. I am now fascinated how they are flourishing and progressing in their blooming. Every time I thought they had fully bloomed they hadn’t.

My plant has progressed through belief from my husband they they were worth saving. Through planting in great compost and nurturing they are reaching their potential.

Remind you of anything?

Dear Jesus
I thank you that you love me so much I am worth saving.
I thank you that you nurture me and help me achieve all I was created for.
Thank you that you never give up on me.
You provide my every need.
I blossom and bloom not just once but day after day with your attendance.
Help me to continue to grow in you.
Help me to reach others that feel they are not worth saving realise how loved they are by you,
And let them blossom and bloom into a the creation they were born for.

For we walk by faith and not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7

22 thoughts on “Progressing by nurtured love from above.

  1. That’s a beautiful illustration of how God sees potential in us even when others don’t! (And I didn’t realise you were from the UK too – I’m assuming you are by since you refer to £ – I love that there’s a little group of us doing FMF now!)

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  2. Thank the Lord HE always sees our potential when all we can see is wasting away! Loved your analogy – and your flowers are beautiful! (Love yellow so much!)

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  3. Two punts for the ratty blooms,
    overpriced at half the cost,
    and accounting heart assumes
    the money is well lost.
    But something in them spoke to me;
    fellow-feeling, it was there,
    and seeing them in misery
    I found I could not help but care
    and give them something of a chance,
    some water and some love,
    and in a transcendental trance
    I felt it, from above,
    that what I gave the least of these
    set me in thanks upon my knees.

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  4. so good! grateful for a Savior who sees me for who He is in me rather than who I was when I surrendered to Him. He loves us so well, doesn’t He? great analogy… and beautiful flowers!

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