So I’m feeling cheeky today! I have worked out today. But I think you may get the idea I don’t like cycling! My personal taste.

So Boris has told me to get off my bum,
Get on my bike and don't worry about my sore bum.

I can't watch adverts for donuts before 9pm,
But co-op will provide me till 11pm

My dear eccentric PM
Men of a certain age may be jealous of your hair
But make me get on a bike
That beautiful mane will soon disappear.

Accidents will increase 50%
My GP will probably get to see me with a covered face.
Hospital admissions Will be fun,
Do I need to cover my cheeks on my bum?

Here's an idea radical I know,
Why not encourage fitness individually.
Some people like dancing, swimming or boxing.
Why not encourage with that locally.

Donuts are cheaper than my strawberries
Give me a punnet a week to stay healthy.

Boris you make me smile
but my faith I put my God above,
And even in this crazy mess
I am sure God's plan for me doesn't involve a bike.

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