Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is smile You can join in the fun here:

Smile say cheese
It's photo time.
A memory to remember
Love Joy and laughter

A smile is contagious and makes another heart sing.
Just like when you were a baby
And cuddled in so tight.

A smile can cover a broken heart
After 21 years you know best
I am just your mum, in your eyes
I don't care, just nag.

Fly your wings and carry on
You may feel in control
With every puff of weed you take
A drink of beer and spirits too
Not blurring thoughts
Your in control

As you go I will continue to smile,
Not because I do not care,
But because I love you so and have a secret weapon.

I pray for you every night
For protection and you to see the light.
My God that loves me so,
Also loves you too.

Angels will surround you,
God's protection will be on you.
You may not feel it or know it
But you can't out run it.

My God doesn't lie and answers all my prayers
I may not always see it in the way I need it.
But prayers from the heart are never overlooked.

I will smile when you leave
But smile more when you
Accept Jesus as your Lord.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

Proverbs 3:5

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