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Winning a prize. I can’t say I would be happy to win a place in a Marathon, triathlon or Iron man race.

But people do and are even overjoyed by it!

Personally it is not something I would want to do or let my body endure. However people are all different and some people love putting their mental and physical wellbeing through all sorts of strain just to get that bright shiny medal.

There is nothing wrong with this it just isn’t my idea of fun.

My race is life. It’s how I choose to live it. My end goal, prize, shiny medal is eternity in heaven with Jesus.

I can’t just say Jesus I believe your the son of God and that you died for me. Even though he did.

I can’t expect forgiveness every time I tell Jesus I messed up again on purpose. Even though I get that forgiveness. It is limitless.

My race is how I choose to live each day. Do I choose to reflect the light of Jesus in all my actions or hide them under a basket.

Jesus never promises us an easy life. Every one, however perfect their life looks has probably endured or is enduring pain, heartache and hardship.

We can give up on our race in mile 1 or 25 or we can ask the Holy Spirit to sustain and carry us when our endurance feels like it’s done and we just want everything to be over.

The prize at the end will be worth it beyond imagination.

11 thoughts on “What is your prize at the end of the race?

  1. I love your idea that if you quit anywhere along the race, it’s still a quit. I feel like there are many believers who get to mile 25 and say, “Look how far I’ve come; I don’t need to work any harder.” Lord, help us not to be those people.

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  2. I am a little confused. Why can’t you say Jesus, you’re the Son of God? Why can’t you say He died for you? The Bible says He is the Son of God and He died for you.
    You say you know He is the Sin of God and that He died for you.
    Why can’t you go to Him when you mess up?
    Jesus teaches us to forgive 1,000 times.
    He says If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. There is no limit. You say that you know He forgives.
    This is a little confusing. Claim it out loud. Proclaim it to others.


    1. It’s also not just keep sinning when we know it’s wrong but to ask to help us stay away from sin. He forgives us everything but we should ask help to not purposely sin x

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  3. I do not know, now, the goal
    that I am moving toward;
    in this crucible of soul,
    pain is my reward
    for the waking, then to rise,
    and in rising face again
    the dull and hideous reprise
    of the mortal stain
    that binds me in these fleshly chains
    to see my dissolution,
    to see that all which today remains
    has come a devolution
    of proud spirit, haughty ape,
    to become now that which God can shape.

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    1. It is tough to reply when I partly know what’s going on. The challenges you face day to day I can only imagine. It may not sound like much but you and I both know the power of prayer. Still praying. God bless.


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