It’s a beautiful Thursday so far, bearing in mind I have been up less than an hour.

The sun is glowing, the bird song harmonious. What a glorious day before work.

Dear Jesus
What a day this would be if we saw your gates of heaven open.
An out pouring of your spirit like never before.
People's hearts and eyes opened seeing the truth of your death and resurrection.
People turning back to you Jesus, living for you.
A people without fear and living in your hope.
A nation singing and putting their trust in you.
I know it's all about the Holy Fathers timing, and his will be done not ours.
But if we can have a glimpse of heaven touching earth today.
People being Baptised in water and fire.
No more fear only hope. No more poverty only riches.
We are a nation of dry bones in a desert. Please bring us back to life today.

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