I’m not feeling quite so winsome on this Wedneday.

The sun is shining which is nice, but in the UK, Leicester has gone back to lockdown, with no idea what that implies or how it will be policed.

Redundancies now seem to be happening. Employment is set to hit a record high. The virus seems to affect everyone in different ways.

This virus shouldn’t be about health or wealth. Everyone should be entitled to good health without counting the cost. Wealth shouldn’t be about holidays and designer brands but living with food on the table, bills paid and being free of fear, enjoying moments with family and friends.

With the NHS just recovering what does this mean for mental health?

When will people realise all they need is here! When will we stop doing every thing in our strength and start taking it to God. How can we solve the problem when we created it.

People are quick to blame. Even God himself but why not give him a chance, I know you will be surprised.

When I have been at rock bottom, God has always come through. When we had no food on the table, some one would turn up unknown with dinner. When one of the children needed a laptop for college, someone at church was giving one away free. When our car died, someone offered to buy us a new one.

God is a God of provision who stands by his promises. Instead of running on fear. Search for running on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. When we let God and Jesus in and let go of our own power, you will start to see miracles happening in the most challenging times.

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