Sunday morning,
The sun is shining bright,
The wind blowing not so gently
The service about to begin.

It may not be in a building,
With a band, a choir or organ,
But there’s no restrictions in our homes,
To say we can’t sing along.

Our church is in our heart each day,
One big family,
With God as the head,
The reason we unite.

And like all families,
we don’t always agree,
But we forgive,
And love each other anyway.

Our church is not our building,
It is having Jesus in our hearts,
Why not click a link online,
In these COVID times
And give the church a go?

You may find it’s all about hope,
Forgiveness, grace and love,
A bunch of people just like you,
United in one God.

You may not feel you do believe,
It’s all a myth, Why bother,
On the other hand something may happen,
And stir within your heart.

You find salvation,
A spark of hope,
The love you always search for,
Come and give it a go.

The choice is always yours,
There is no pressure,
Only your free will
And love beyond all measure.

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