Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is compromise. You don’t make it easy Miss Kate.  You can join in the fun here:

I can’t find compromise in the bible,
Does that mean all is black and white?
Didn’t God make a covenant with a rainbow?
Of red, orange, blue and purple.

Aren’t we all unique?
Reflecting the very nature of our God?
Surely the message should be the same,
Love the Lord with all our heart and soul,
And love one another as ourselves.

Reading the news,
All doom and gloom,
Should we comprise on our health?
Our culture, our faith, our very beliefs?

Was there a compromise for Jesus?
I really don’t think there was,
He did what he did because he loves us so,
Maybe it’s time we did the same.

So if we really want to be kind,
Lets spread the gospel,
And love the best,
Through our actions and the Holy Spirit,
Not compromising along the way……

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