Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is Worth. You don’t make it easy Miss Kate. You can join in the fun here:

Worth is a tricky word, it is both an adjective and a noun depending on how its used.

Can you even measure worth and judging by the bible verse in 1 Peter I may have a lot to work on, as a short gobby person to people who know me well.

In first world countries how do we value someone’s worth? I live in a culture where people want to keep up with the Joneses, have the perfect house with the perfect family and perfect life. This includes a lot of Christians.

But life as we have all learnt recently is far from perfect. It is clouded, twisted and life can be cheap.

Why would anyone be worth more than anyone else? It doesn’t matter if your in government, a film star, sports personality, doctor, teacher, bin man, cleaner or unemployed. We are all worth so much to God.

We are all part of a much bigger purpose all made for a calling only we do. All parts of a jigsaw puzzle, different shapes, sizes, and colours with different textures and rough edges.

If one of those pieces is missing we are missing something and will never be complete.

We can’t judge another persons worth that is not our right. We cannot down play our worth either.

We are all sinful and we are not worthy to even present ourselves to God, but through his only son, Jesus who considered us so worthy he wanted to die to know us. How incredible and mind blowing is that.

We need to share that worth with others through actions, words and love.

In the words of the loreal advert…… Because I’m worth it! …… And so are you.

17 thoughts on “Because I’m worth it ….. And so are you!

  1. I like your image of the jigsaw puzzle. We all have a place and are needed to complete the whole. And I agree with sharing our worth through our actions and words. Have a blessed weekend. Visiting from #fmf.

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  2. orry I’m late, Loretta. Another concussion. This below is the best I could do, inspired by the picture-puzzle image.

    I see life as a tapestry
    woven by Almighty hands;
    the design is one of majesty,
    but we don’t understand
    the picture only Heaven sees,
    the shining glory of design;
    all we know is you and me,
    and what’s mine and thine
    in woof and warp that binds us
    side by side to stand our part,
    peace offering and gladius,
    praise-shout and broken heart.
    And one day we will be told,
    “Look there! Your threads are silver, gold!”

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