Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is How. You can join in the fun here:

How do I even start a post with a word like how?

How many times God do you hear the word how? Question after question, do we even listen and wait for an answer.

I am a grateful child that God doesn’t keep scores and tallies when I ask again “how many times will I mess up before I get it right?”

Your patience God is thankfully abundant. Your slow to anger and rich in love.

Does it even matter if I get my mission slightly wrong, as long as how I did the mission was for you and not me. As long as I did the mission reflecting your light and love?

How my day goes today may be up to me and how I choose to look at every situation that arises. The important thing is that I put you, God in the centre today and hope that some people will look at me and ask in a positive way….. How does she do that? For then maybe I get the chance, an open door to tell them its all my God.

9 thoughts on “FMF – How!

  1. Yes, may we live in such a way that others will ask, “How does she do that?” And may the answer be quick to point to Him! Blessings!


  2. “How my day goes may be up to me and how I look at every situation that arises” is up to me also. This is so true. I am hoping to hang this one statement up somewhere in my house. I need to remind myself of this every day. Thank you for your words of wisdom.
    Terri D
    # 7 FMF


  3. Last night I cried to my husband, literally wept “how do I do this?” I have a looming deadline – 75% of my time has passed and only 25% of my work has been done. I was feeling the pressure. I knew he couldn’t help. He didn’t understand the specifics of my task, but He listened, and we talked through what he understood. He didn’t solve my problem, but I felt better. God doesn’t always solve our problems the way we wish He would, but He is compassionate like my husband was. That is how.
    (Pray for me. I still have to finish my assignment today. Ha ha.)


  4. Putting God in the center is key, isn’t it? I have to be careful not to put myself and my wants there. Thank you for your encouraging words.


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