Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is STAY. You can join in the fun here:

Dear Lord Jesus
Please stay a little longer,
Please don’t go to soon
We created in our own way
Yet another mess
And the only way we can make it out
Is by your love and grace.
We cannot do this our way
We have do this your way.

Lord Jesus
Please stay a little longer
Please put your arm around us all
We are crying and we’re hurting
In a wilderness of thoughtless acts
Hug us and comfort us
And help us see the facts
To stop such senselessness happening again

Lord Jesus
Please stay a little longer
Did your disciples ask
Before you went to Calvary
And breathed your very last
You died for us so we can live
And show the world you do exist.

Lord Jesus
Please stay in us
our days on earth
By your Holy Sprit
Let us shine your light of love
And may we spread it across the world
So instead of wiping tears from
A world of grief
Lets us all live in joy and
Dance to your glory
United in your goal and love
And victory upon a cross.

16 thoughts on “Please stay a little longer Jesus

  1. Great poem, Loretta! I sometimes wonder if Jesus gets a bit exasperated…in a loving-kindness way…at the messes into which we get ourselves.

    I wonder now if Jesus sighed
    as He walked upon the wave
    when He heard His homies cry,
    “Oh, master, master, please come save!”
    They were fishermen, for goodness’ sake,
    sailing was their norm!
    They’d grown up upon this lake,
    and scared, now of a storm?
    I have to think His eyes were rolled
    as He went to offer aid
    and Peter, being oh-so-bold
    sought the Lord to emulate.
    He knew Pete’s faith was still too dim,
    and WHY had he not learned to swim?


  2. When I was a kid, whenever we would read or see something about pain, sin, and suffering in the world my dad would begin to pray, aloud (often mid-conversation), “Come, Lord Jesus.” I used to kind of laugh, like you do at your parents’ funny habits. But lately, I find myself praying the same thing.


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