I am a little bewildered,
Befuddled and confused.
There’s so much going on in the world
I don’t know where to start.

How do you process so much death
From a virus that shouldn’t exist.

How do you process so much hate
Against a colour of someone’s skin

There is still fighting and refugee camps
In the middle of a pandemic.
People stealing, pointing guns and knives
Just to wound each other.

People still look to drugs and alcohol
For solace that will never come.
Mental health is rife and
Suicide statistics far too many

How can we look with compassion when we
Have no idea what’s going on.

When will we take time out from lifestyles far to needy.
Looking for comfort in this world and never from beyond.

There is a God that loves us so.
Why can’t everyone see him?
In this world of hate, lies and power
Let us look beyond the print
And egos of the role models and leaders.

In between the media’s web,
In social media and the world wide web
You will start to notice words of hope,
Coming from a chorus of love,
From a scattered church.

Buildings maybe empty
But the vessels that carry the message
Are alive and well
displaying the message through actions of love.

A message of hope and love,
Compassion, joy and peace
That doesn’t come from
The earth below
But a supernatural presence all around.
A presence from a creator
Who doesn’t want to live without you.

A loving father to a child
Looking in there eyes
Saying take my hand and trust me,
For everything will be alright.

This heavenly father doesn’t promise an easy ride
A perfect life on earth.
It will be a roller coaster of epic proportions,
Emotions on overload.

But we stand firm in the love of a God
Who never let’s us go,
And all we need to understand is to
Trust and stand firm in him alone.

Click here to listen to listen to Hillsong – what a beautiful name. https://youtu.be/nQWFzMvCfLE

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