Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is Forward. You can join in the fun here:

Moving forward inch by inch,
A yawn, a stretch, a sigh
Moving forward out of bed
My first goal of the day.

There’s cloud outside,
Work awaits
Snuggling under the duvet
Seems the better option

Coffee is brewing as I move forward down the stairs
My brain starts to wake
Another Friday is here.
Looking forward to the 3 day weekend
Only 8 hours to go

I’m moving forward on my goal
Sitting still with the one who loves me so.
A worship song comes on
And prayer time starts to flow
Today is not about work and coffee
But chilling out with you

The family wakes and chaos breaks out
A smile upon my face
Each day is another day
A day to enjoy and savour
A day where my race continues

Working for the ultimate goal
Running the race with you
Eyes focused and forward
On the ultimate prize
Of eternity with you.

8 thoughts on “Forward

  1. This is just so sweet and lovely…what a gift!

    You put me in a spirit of fun…I hope you enjoy the result.

    I think that when God made me
    He should have broke the mold,
    for He can assume, quite safely,
    that I’ll not do as I’m told.
    It started in parochial school
    before I could write my name,
    when I thought it would be really cool
    to set teacher’s desk aflame.
    It really did get worse from there,
    when, bored of setting fires,
    I assumed command of air
    and flew through high-tension wires.
    They say nothing can surprise His grace,
    but I’m not done, so watch this space.

    When still in high school, I really did fly an aeroplane through a set of main transmission lines.


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