Do you ever feel really on top of the world one minute. Everything is under control. Everything is happy, then all of a sudden it’s like someone came over and blew out the flame that was burning within you. Whoosh all life has drained from you and you can’t seen to get the flame to re-ignite. There is absolutely no reason why you feel the way you do.

You just sit there going through the motions, overthinking every little thing. I shouldn’t of done that and have I upset them. I’ve messed up again. A tsunami of anxiousness comes flooding over you, drowning your peace and wiping away all reason and clarity.

A crowded mind leaves no space for a peaceful heart.

Christine Evangelou

The truth is you most probably haven’t done anything. Your perception filter has just stopped working. It is easy to get caught up in the wave, desperately clinging onto a branch of safety rather than seeing the truth.

While thinking about what to do to snap me out of this mood, like going for a walk and eating ice cream or sitting down with God and doing some writing. It made me think. Not over think, but reflectively think.

Do I do this to the Holy Spirit all the time? As soon the Holy Spirit and I build up a relationship from a spark into a fire do I come along and quench it? When I get anxious about what I need to do, am I pouring water onto the fire, making it sizzle and smoke? When I say a nasty thing about someone or something do I just have embers smouldering? Am I endangering putting out the fire for good.

Do not quench the Sprit

1 Thessalonians 5:19

Most mature Christians know we grieve the Spirit and the flame within us does sometimes fizzle and crackle. 1 Thessalonians gives us a warning not to let the fire be quenched. We need to learn to manage these moments of anxiousness and unreason and not let the tsunami of doubt quench our spirit.

In these times I would urge you to pray and do something you enjoy doing with God. Whether this is eating unicorn ice cream (Oh yes I did), walking, gardening or worshiping.

Let God rekindle your spirit immediately. Maybe he is using the time to draw closer.

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