Today’s Five minute Friday prompt word is normal. You can join in the fun here:

How many of us read the word normal and think:

What is normal anyway?

Normal for a lot of us the last couple of months has been around staying indoors locked away.

Although in some parts of the UK restrictions have been eased, a lot of people are still scared to go out and return to work.

We planned to carry on as “normal lockdown”. We weren’t going to take any chances and risk anything too soon, we were going to be super cautious and stay hiding in our new normal.

The thing with God is though, if you become to complacent in normal God challenges you. This week we were challenged in taking a risk, comprising our safety and comfort vs helping out another.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

Phillipians 2v4

A few days ago I woke up to a voicemail from a friend who was about to go into surgery and had not one person to look after her teenage son.

My friend likes in London, the COVID hotspot of the UK. She was in a hospital where COVID patients are in the red zone opposite. Her 13 year old son also has disabilities and needs almost 1-2-1 support.

The discussion, fairly heated took place between my husband and myself. One of us very unkeen on the idea and the health risk it poses to our family with an asthmatic in the house.

God gives us wisdom and we need to use it in times like this. Wisdom says its unsafe.

God also gives us compassion and compassion and scripture say we should help each other.

The spiritual battle began and the fight was almost stalemate but compassion had the slightest victory.

Our house guest arrived for a 2 day visit with nothing but the clothes he was in and some toys and his medication. We had to go out and buy clothes, underwear and toiletries for him.

Did we make the right choice – yes we did. Although we live to a tight budget and couldn’t afford new clothes and items for him. God Blessed us with an unexpected financial gift, covering this cost.

Did I make the right choice for my friend and her son – yes. He wouldn’t of coped being left on a children’s ward away from his mum.

Did we make the right choice with our health. Only time will tell. But I trust that God’s protection is on us.

Did we make the right choice by God – yes. God is my anchor and will never let me go. When your normal is challenged, cling onto your anchor.

12 thoughts on “When normal was challenged.

  1. Praying for you this morning. May His protection fill and surround you, keeping you in the midst of your choice to serve and help your friend. May He keep you in peace as you stay focused on Him.


  2. Bravo! Loretta, this is specially for you.

    Sometimes you have to risk the worst
    and find in it the sternest test
    to see just how well youโ€™re versed
    in your knowledge of the best
    that God requires every day
    to challenge will and strengthen soul;
    like Latimer, weโ€™re called to play
    the man, so that the man be whole
    and light a fire in the night
    that will never be put out,
    though the darkness takes the light,
    and though the gleeful demons shout,
    this is part of what Heโ€™s planned,
    though it may be our final stand.


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