Sometimes it feels like there is a funfair in my head. There is too much noise.

The crowds are busy talking, there is loud music playing and tellers are shouting roll up roll up roll up for the best ride in town.

Relationships are like riding on the rollercoaster, work is the waltzer. Schooling is the carousel and my mind becomes distorted like the house of mirrors.

Your sense of peace seems to fly into the clouds like the balloon you let go of. Fading further and further into the sky.

It’s time to find the pull the plug on the noise and move to the other side of the park.

He leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul

Psalm 23:2

It is time to find the quiet, to rest and restore peace. It’s about taking your mind to the bench by the lake away from the hustle and bustle.

It’s about smelling the grass and the flowers, not hot dog stands and candy floss.

It’s time to breathe in your surroundings, and listen to the birdsong, singing your favourite psalm.

It’s a time to be still, to stop and just let God lead. No demands, no requests just quietly sitting hand in hand with the God that loves you so.

Being still and doing nothing at all.

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