Redhill aerodrome when 6 year has the camera

This weeks five minute Friday prompt is “perspective” you can join the party here:

Perspective is a challenging word in such challenging times.

Perspective: “a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

We all have a perspective how COVID 19 is changing our lives and lifestyles.

As adults we are concerned for loved ones health. For those self employed or furloughed it also brings other worries around bills and stability. There is stress around home schooling and I am pretty sure wine sales have increased tenfold!

Having a 6 year old at home and seeing his perspective on Corona virus is interesting.

I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom heaven.

Matthew 18 v 3

My youngest son is still pushing his luck for going to bed late. He has tantrums over school work and eating his vegetables.

He has a little moment when he can’t see his sister or grandparents in person, but still tells them he loves them on video calls and remembers them in his prayers.

He deals with this by making virus power points and bandaging teddies from head to toe. If he can’t do what he wants, he says its all because of the virus, trots off and starts a new activity.

If our father in heaven is just that, and we are his children why aren’t we more like our own children. Our children trust in us, to feed them, provide for them and keep them safe.

If we truly have a father – child relationship with God, he will do the same. He will keep us safe and provide for us.

If your struggling try looking from a different point of view.

6 thoughts on “A little perspective from little ones.

  1. I put aside the childish things,
    but that became a bust;
    adulthood didn’t give me wings,
    for I learned how not to trust
    in the God who loves me so,
    for I truly thought I had
    a better plan to make things go;
    His really seemed quite bad.
    I mean, a world where peope died
    and where I wasn’t wealthy?
    I guess maybe I sounded snide,
    when I said that wasn’t healthy,
    but now I find, in days quite grim,
    my tears flow and I run to Him.


    1. I guess we all have been in that place where we don’t realise what we have until we lose it. The good thing is though that however questioning we have been with God in the past he always welcomes us back with open arms. I know I only know you from fmf but your encouragement to so many while you are in the biggest battle of your life is so inspirational. Stay safe young man


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