FMF Paitence

This week’s word prompt from minute Friday is patience. To find out more and join the fun click here:

Patience is far from my strong point. I certainly don’t suffer fools gladly and easily get frustrated. I spend a lot of time in repentance for name calling idiots! God is patient with me and knows I’m a work in progress. That I know, doesn’t mean it’s right.

I’m finding social media more and more unhelpful. People showing their real colours in their times of desperation.

But we have only just started and desperation will only increase. We are only being asked to stay inside. We are not being held at gunpoint, or having to surrender luxuries. We still have food and family, however far away.

As a family we have struggled for years financially. This has led us to budgeting and surving on a make do and mend mentality.

We had to spend years saying no to social engagements with friends, not because we don’t want to come, but because we can’t.

I think this lifestyle and loving Jesus has made it easier for us to adapt in this time. We are still blessed beyond belief, with love, family & friends. We walk in freedom if not outside our homes.

We may not have as much to lose as others, like holidays, high powered jobs and dining out. But remember you are privilege & blessed to have that in the first place. It is harder to lose things the more you have.

But be patient these days will return.

Just as I need patience to accept that people are not idiots, just because I don’t agree with them, take patience that your lifestyle will be restored.

However while waiting I pray, that people will turn away from material worldly things and start searching for something more.

Something that questions mortality and morality and all these material things you seek?

10 thoughts on “FMF Patience

  1. Yes, loving Jesus makes all this easier. Patience does not come to me naturally but I’ve learned to wait on God. There is time for everything. So I embrace this time with hope and resilience. Jesus has plenty of these to share. So grab yours. Thanks for such a thought-provoking post. Blessings to you and yours, now and always.


  2. I am the calm and steady sort
    and can throttle back my brain,
    but life always has retort;
    this drives my friends insane.
    “How can you, man, just sit and wait,
    how can you not talk and pace?
    Do you think you’re oh-so-great?..
    and wipe that smile from off your face!”
    Some think this comes from too much weed,
    but y’know, I never smoked a joint;
    and it does not come from need
    to be one-up, and make a point.
    No, it comes from days back when
    I had become a Man of Zen.


  3. Such a great post and one I identify with in so many ways.

    I’m an introvert, so the stay at home order hasn’t fazed me too much. It has changed the way I work. I’m now teaching from home, but I don’t mind that either. We just need to be big-picture kind of people to get through this. Some people struggle with that.


  4. I love your thoughts and agree with you. I feel like this time has not been as challenging for my family as it has been for some others because we already lived a relatively simple life. You made me think of a scene from MASH, one of my favorite TV shows. BJ has been unpleasant for most of the episode, and Margaret finally tells him, “Maybe you DO have the most to lose but that’s only because you GOT the most.” I think it’s applicable to what a lot of people experiencing right now.


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