I decided to make the most of being first up today, by listening to some worship songs in my, me time with God.

You tube put at the top of my list, Spirit break out. I wasn’t planning on putting this on but felt I needed this more than ever today, so hit play.

Our Father

All of Heaven roars Your name

Sing louder

Let this place erupt with praise

Can you hear it

A sound of Heaven touching earth

A sound of Heaven touching earth

Songwriters: Ben Bryant / Myles Dhillon / Luke Hellebronth / Tim Hughes

At this time, with corona virus ruling the earth, I have never felt more than ever, that I need heaven to touch earth.

But what does heaven touching earth sound and look like. I absolutely have no idea!

One thing I am certain about though, is that in these times of isolation and fear, we will see the Holy Spirit breaking out. Bringing hope, healing and miracles to many who have never experienced this before.

Relationships will be fixed as people start to question their humanity and mortality.

The churches will not be silenced or isolated, just because we are not in a building. We will be out there, in our great commission explaining and reaping the harvest for God’s glory alone. We do not need to go outside our 4 walls to share testimonies and pray for others.

Whatever the sound of heaven touching earth is. I hope it’s barely heard over the earth singing its praises back to God, reaching up and touching heaven.

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