The Five minute Friday prompt this week is adjust. You just write for 5 minutes. No scribbling or perfection, just reflection. If you would like to join the group click here:


Sitting here in the quiet. I’m the only one up. It is peaceful and calm.

A quiet before my youngest is up and bouncing around.

The sky is already blue, the air is crisp and nippy. Birds are singing a beautiful spring day is emerging.

However the day is not normal, whatever normal is? We all have to adjust to the pandemic around us.

Working from home, schooling from home brings its challenges. A new appreciation for teachers is rising around us.

Last night we were out clapping for doctors and nurses. Doing much more than their best, in such hard circumstances.

But whatever our adjustments one thing stays the same. Jesus is our hope, our future our King.


As you can tell I struggled today. Far from my finest work. But 5 minutes to clear our heads is sometimes all we need .

9 thoughts on “The same but different.

  1. Well done on writing for 5 minutes…I can tell you held true to the time putting simple words to the page. I went over…I had more to say! 😉 I am glad to have “met” you FMF neighbor, Jenn **Jesus is our HOPE! Yes! This!

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  2. It is amazing to read of varied adjustments we all have made. The one consistency is the One who is helping us all during these quickly changing days. May God be with you and yours and keep you safe & in His peace. Blessings!


  3. Second try at commenting. WordPress hates me.)
    In the end they will not win,
    the monsters who would kill the soul;
    and the fight is neeed to begin
    the process of becoming whole
    and true to Christ, the risen Lord
    whose hard example we must take,
    though it seems we can’t afford
    the life our Saviour bids us make,
    placing others’ needs as ours
    and loving them as we love Him,
    pausing now to smell the flowers
    even when the day turns grim,
    but in this dateline of disaster,
    best we follow Christ the Master.


  4. “Whatever normal is” – I’ve considered that thought myself several times. But the sun still is up and the birds are still singing. God is still in control. Holding onto those truths and blessings. Praying you have a weekend full of small blessings!

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