God’s promises.

This cross was a present from a wonderful friend when I was going through a tough time last year.

She gave it to me as a reminder of God’s promises on my life. That God never leaves me and is taking my struggles and turning them into a much bigger blessing.

I am blessed more than ever today. Not necessarily in an obvious materialistic way, but the blessings of a gracious God are all around me. I may be stuck indoors from a pandemic just like everyone else but that doesn’t mean God can’t use this time for his glory. And when we come out of this, I think it will all be down to God’s glory.

Those who look to him (God) for help will be filled with joy. No shame will darken there faces.

Psalm 34v5

The bible is full God’s promises. They are on almost every page. Promises of hope, love and our future. Promises of God never leaving us.

In this time of uncertainty find your promise of God that reminds you in your darkest times that God is still with you. Even if you can’t feel him.

Whatever your promise looks like, a rainbow, a verse,a photo or a piece of jewellery. Keep it near to remind you that God has a promise and purpose for you.

The one who called you is faithful and will do what is promised

1 Thessalonians 5 v24

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