The Five minute Friday prompt this week is Tomorrow. I am finding it a little ironic though, as I am writing this on a Saturday, means it’s already tomorrow!

The sun’ll come out


Bet your bottom dollar

That tomorrow

There’ll be sun!


Appolgises to anyone who now has an ear worm stuck in there head!

I have to admit I have never seen Annie, so I can’t really discuss the plot but this song speaks to me of a little girl with hope.

As Christians we live in hope, today, tomorrow and beyond. Our hope may not be easy to explain, or physically be visable to everyone around us, but it is with us always.

Jesus is our hope, rock and firm foundation we need nothing else.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.

Matthew 6 v34

I am a natural worrier, but can say honestly I am not worried about this fearful scary time we are living in.

COVID 19 may be new but sadly redundancies, poverty, sickness and fear isn’t. We may not have been through these things before in such dramatic circumstances but we have overcome them before and will overcome them again.

The reason we overcome them is not because we are strong, it is because our God, our rock is bigger and stronger than anything this world can throw at us. God lives in us through his Holy Spirit.

God never leaves his children.

If you don’t know God or Jesus yet, don’t put it off. Search for him today. He is everywhere. There are so many church services and encouragments online. More than ever. If you are unsure where to start, comment in the box and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “Hope for tomorrow.

  1. So true. It has nothing to do with our strength (or our resolve or even our ingenuity) but all our God. Good reminder today. Hope you and yours are well and healthy!


  2. Here’s some virus-borne advice
    as it all seems dangerous;
    think about just how nice
    it is, that Jesus never changes.
    The world around us falls away,
    foundations swept by now’s fell tide,
    but we know a brighter day
    that, in God’s plan, will betide.
    And so we hold unto to the vow
    that we won’t be left to die;
    come the oxen, come the plow,
    and newplanting time is nigh,
    when all our hopes and all our needs
    are planted by the Lord, as seeds.

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