#10daywritingchallenge day 2 the FMF prompt word is story

I guess we all have a story to tell. It’s which one we decided to tell and how we tell it that matters.

The most important story we have in our lives is the story of Jesus. This could be straight out the bible or a personal encounter.

We need to share these stories. We are running the race for God. We carry the baton in our hand and have to keep passing this baton from generation to generation.

Our baton is Jesus and all he has done and is doing for us. Whether that is through bible stories or personal experience we have to keep passing the baton in our relay race

It is the only way we can ensure people can know about Jesus and his promise of freedom, peace and salvation.

Without Jesus we are nothing. We need to share this amazing news with everyone. Jesus’s name and story must continue and we need to relay that to all our future generations and everyone we know.

It doesn’t matter if we aren’t remembered as long as Jesus name continues forever.

This brings us back to the Casting Crowns song – Only Jesus

This song seems to be everywhere I turn at the moment. It is only Jesus whatever we do. He is the centre our all.

Do all our stories centre around Jesus?