The Five minute Friday prompt word this week is BEFORE. If you would like to join the party and be inspired by like minded people along the way join here:

When you held me before time began, did you look into my eyes and see the creation I was meant to be?

While cradling me in your arms, did you know all the mistakes I would make? Did you see my path, full of twist, hills and stumbling blocks?

Did you know how many spiritual knocks, cuts and bruises I would gain along the way?

Before you formed us all in creation. Did you think about your Son. Did you know it was the only way, or was there any other plan?

Before you sent your Son to Earth did you shed your tears, knowing all he was to become, the pain and suffering?

Before we can be held once more in your arms, in pure love. We need to accept your Son and all he did for us.

He died so that we may live, ending sin and suffering. He conquered death and brings us life to all who do believe.

Before – FMF