Experience is the prompt word from Five Minute Friday this week. This week’s word of experience. Join the fun here https://fiveminutefriday.com

Experience apparently comes with age along with wisdom. However in my 40 something years, the thing I have learnt is, the more I make decisions good or bad, the more God tends to affirm those decisions.

I am known for having rather a lot of jobs in my time. It can be the butt of many jokes! But today as I leave yet another job I feel reassured I am doing the right thing.

I am leaving a secure well paid job to take another job, which is temporary and minimum wage. Yikes I must be crazy! But I am trusting in God. I only have a family to support anyway!

I can’t see a future, I wonder if I have missed my calling. But one thing I feel reassured about is God is in control. As I went to my leaving get together, it was all about their future and past. It wasn’t a farewell. They may miss me but I am definatley not in the company’s future. God has made this clear.

I may not ever find my career calling, and I am committing financial suicide. But I am walking in faith. I cannot see the future but that doesn’t matter as I am walking in faith even when I cannot see. God is in control.

3 thoughts on “FMF Experience- will I ever get there!

  1. I think you are very brave, and I admire you.

    This is for you. Hold fast!

    Sometimes we have to walk away
    from the sure thing that we have
    and yearning, find a lonely way
    to the place of God’s autograph,
    for we need seek what He has signed,
    the passport to His loving home,
    and on our journey we shall find
    that we have not walked alone,
    for every trembling step we’ve taken
    has been matched by mighty feet,
    and though we are bereft, forsaken,
    there is a Giant that will meet
    us when we reach our final shore,
    and hold us close, forevermore.

    Spot #1 at FMF this week.

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    1. Thank you Andrew for your very encouraging words. God is good even when we feel our steps trembling. The prize at the end of this crazy world is our goal.


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