The Five minute Friday inspirational word this week is Talent. You can join the group here :

Talent – Aghhhhhhhh this is a word, that will cause me issues .

I confess that I do need to get a dictionary meaning (outside of my 5 minutes)

Talent – Natural aptitude or skill

Ok so this may seem an odd word to look up! We all really know what talent means!
But do we all recognise and believe in our talent?

Let’s face it having a natural aptitude and skill for being clumsy and saying really dispy things, isn’t on most people’s wish lists! But here I am.

If I am not the winner of the world’s most unconfident and talentless person in the world, then I am up there as a contender!

I know this is wrong and I constantly repent for this, but this is something I constantly battle with.

But one thing I have learnt though, is that just because I’m not confident doesn’t mean I’m not talented.

I have also learnt that just because I have to work on things harder than some doesn’t mean I am less talented.

I have a post it on my desk at work with Phillipians 4 v 13 on:

I can do anything through Christ that strengthens me.

I have learnt in my Christain journey not to compare myself with anyone else because I am fearfully and wonderfully made for my purpose only. If you start comparing your talents to others you start to lose all definition of you and your purpose.

So if you are like me talented but it isn’t always easy, remember you are not doing anything in your strength if you let Jesus in.

You can do anything through Christ who is with you every step of the way strengthening you.