The only thing predictable about life is it’s unpredictability


I am not sure how Ratatouille rates as one of life’s great philosophers but I do love this quote from this Disney rat.

Just because we believe in God why do we believe life should be predictable. God doesn’t promise an easy or predictable life.

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy, I have come that you may have life and have it to the full

John 10 v 10

God sent his Son for you and me! No easy ride. No promises of roses and chocolate everyday. You have to chip away at life one moment at a time.

Times will be easy and times will be hard but the one constant is we are not alone in this rollercoaster of a ride.

God left us his Holy Spirit. He his here, with us always we just need to let him in and lead us.

When life feels overwhelming and prayers haven’t been answered in a predictable way, we have to stand firm. If we don’t stand firm, doubt and  fear get a foothold. Once doubt and fear have a foothold anger, hatred and other emotions from the thief creep in.

Jesus has given us life to the full. Not through worldly assets and riches, but by setting us free. Setting us free from doubt, fear, anger, hatred, jealousy and bitterness whatever our situations.

Whatever we are going through, however tough, the joy we have in Jesus is our strength and life. There is no unpredictably in this joy. We are free and can stand firm because the Holy Spirit is with us and helps us stand firm.

Life throws lots of curve balls, let Jesus turn them into home runs for you in any way, predictable or not.

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