The inspiration keyword this week from Five Minute Friday is Sacrifice. This is where it took me.

All bright and cosy up in heaven your father turned to you to say: “it is time now you must go. You know what you have to do. I will be with you each step of the way. Blessings my son fulfil your destiny”

“Thank you Father, I am ready to take your light into the dark, I will go. I know how much you love all people, I am prepared to do your will, so they can come home to you.”

Born as a humble baby, hated from the moment Herod heard the news. Fully human you showed us how to live, to love for God alone.

Your body beaten, bloodied and alone, your will Father you said not mine.

The earth went dark, you breathed your last. The curtain was torn. This act is for everyone, all are welcome to receive.

Your body left the tomb, you fought for us, you beat death & sin for us. You rise victorious so we can live.

The ultimate sacrifice you paid. For us, for me, for you! We just need to believe. Accept you as our Christ, our love.

You stand in the light waiting for us. Your arms wide open, ready for the day we run and jump into your arms for all eternity.

The ultimate sacrifice for you.