When this word popped up on FMF as an inspirational keyword , it felt this was made for me.

Give me a compass and a map and I can confidently lead anyone to Mars when the destination is the moon. I have to be one of the reasons sat navs were designed. Some of my life choices end up in pretty much the same calamitous results.

I constantly overthink and challenge the direction of my life. I am known for saying things like, if only God would put his daily plan for me on the back of my cereal box each day. Even better if God could give me a huge flashing one way sign so I know I am getting it right and not plundering into another mess I need God to rescue me from.

Earlier this week coming out of Croydon station I saw a beautifully lit sign with different coloured light bulbs. It was an arrow pointing down to a fence saying I am here. No map, picture not even graffiti, absolutely nothing to say where I actually am.
Maybe not so helpful as it doesn’t actually state where I am.

I have been thinking about this (Oh no) and wondering if it is a useless sign as it tells me nothing. OR maybe I am reading it wrong.
Am I here or is I AM here with me. God refers to himself more than once as I Am in the old testament. So instead of looking for signs and directions to my whatever it is I am looking for, maybe all I need to know is whatever direction I take I Am is constantly with me through the Holy Spirit. Possibly he doesn’t even flinch when I make take a turn in the wrong direction as he is more than happy to keep bailing me out as long as I am doing this for God himself.


Five minute Friday – Direction

6 thoughts on “Which way should I go?

  1. I love the thoughts here. I often wish God would send me large, flashing neon arrows too! (I think sometimes he does, just rarely in the ways I wish for). Thanks for this important message today. Visiting from FMF #21 spot. 🙂

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  2. “Am I here or is I AM here with me.” Wow, that really struck me, like right between the eyes. I could put it on a sticky note to keep me centered when my wild mind (like yours) takes me everywhere but where I need to be. Thanks for this post! (From a fellow FMFer #37)

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