As people get ready to go out and party, many will have spent the day reflecting. 2019 may of been a great year or awful year for you. But whatever 2019 was for you, I’m sure you already have plans for 2020 and are looking forward to them with anticipation.

The old is going and the new is coming. It’s the same ritual every year. But why do we feel we have to do this at New Year? We can actually do this any day, any time.

We can change our hair, wear our make up differently, buy new clothes, or travel the world. But does any of this really change who we are ? Deep down will you be truly satisfied? Will any of this really change us inwardly as well as outwardly? Will we be happier, richer, more free?

We can only really become a new creation when we truly stop being children of this world. When we stop looking for love and acceptance through others. We need more.

As we have just celebrated Christmas, the birth of Jesus . We need to really reflect what this means. This was no ordinary birth. This was supernatural. A new creation, a baby born to a virgin. Nothing is impossible for God.

This baby went on to live a pure, perfect and sinless life. Fully human like you and me. Jesus knows what it is like to be human. So much so he knows that we cannot live that pure, perfect sinless life. So he paid the price for us.

He died for us. For me for you. Let me stress this. FOR YOU. For no other reason than he loves you and wants to know you.

You can be a new creation in 2020 or there is still time in 2019.

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