We can’t go back to the first ever Christmas and really know what it was like.
Was the weather cold or hot? Was there a midwife present? Could the Inn hear the event unfolding? Did Mary & Joseph stay in the stable until the wise men arrived? Weeks, months or even years.

As a Christian I always feel I am never close enough to Christmas. Each year I try a little harder. The truth is I will never really know the intricate details of the first Christmas. I will never know how Joseph felt, what Mary’s parents said to her. If the innkeeper was shocked by all the attention this Child got. And the big question every parent wants to know. Did Jesus sleep all night?

But in reality I guess I don’t need to know every little detail of the night. All I need to know is that Jesus stepped out of heaven on that night to start his journey in this world. Fully human. A journey with one purpose, to save you and me from the world around us.
This shouldn’t just be in an our hearts at Christmas but each and every day.

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