The ad has been on….
“holidays are coming, holidays are coming”
Christmas has started.
The Coke a Cola truck has started its tour.

Many people consider this the start of Christmas. The cuddly old man with white beard and bright red suit adorned on the side of a Lorry.

People have had Christmas trees up since mid November, twinkling & sparkling in the front window. Houses are lighting up, the more bulbs the better. Inflatable Santa’s, reindeer and more are in the front gardens instead of flowers.

Our Advent calendars are on the shelf. Chocolate of course!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday pass so fast. All our bargains must be brought. Late night shopping in centres which are so bright. People pass by with bag after bag. No smiles, no time to chat just rushing by in a trance. The shop windows promising the perfect Christmas.

Santa is in his grotto, guarded by his elves . The queue is well formed, orderly & controlled. And for the parents that want to maintain order, the elf goes on the shelf.

The Christmas cards come flooding through the post. The only time we never virtually write.

People are buying up turkeys at an extraordinary rate! Then comes the ethical choice of crackers or not. We need mince pies, our pudding, and champagne.

Arguments with Cellotape and wrapping paper are happening. Why don’t we all just buy square shaped gifts. The tags and the paper must match along with the bow.

We must have the perfect outfit for the work party, and of course Christmas jumper day. Sparkly make up, perfect nails, coiffured hair must finish the style.

And most importantly the romantic’s at heart always hope for the ultimate goal. Snow on Christmas Day morning.

But is this really Christmas?

You know what is missing. The story of a baby boy.

The shepherds adore him. The Kings bring him presents. Mary and Joseph are his parents. What can it be like having a child in a stable. The only bed for him the cattle’s feeding tray. What a responsibility looking after God’s only son.

It is hard to see this humble event in a world full of tinsel, lights and a bright red suit.

But we do need to hit pause. Stop and think. We need to evaluate what Christmas really means to us personally. Is it all about Santa, stockings and fun? Do we sprinkle in some Jesus just to sound good.
Do we care if the gift isn’t perfect?

Would we swap it all to spend that one Christmas lunch with the one person we miss. Would we give it all up if it ended sickness, addiction and poverty. Deep down would we really?

Whatever our Christmas looks like, one thing is certain and that is Christmas is not Christmas without this act of a baby being born to a virgin in a stable. Without Jesus being born, St Nicholas would not of been so generous in his giving, leading to Santa Claus being perceived as he is today.

Without Jesus being born into this crazy mixed up world, he couldn’t live the pure life he did. He couldn’t of died for me and fought for me. He couldn’t of saved me .
That is why Christmas is important to me. Not because of anything else other than Jesus stepping out of heaven to give me and you life.