When purpose came up as one of our keywords in our writers circle group it took me on a little inner journey.

Always looking always searching, struggling to find our fit this world.
Our talent isn’t always obvious as we all can’t sing or dance.
We aren’t great orators and do not seem to stand a chance.
We look at others with jealous admiration, thinking why can’t we be like that.
We have a bundle of excuses.
If I had more training, more money, more time.
Our comfort zones are not our friends as leaving them causes stress,
More excuses fear arises, we are not equipped to go this far.
We are to old, too young, not clever enough.
Do I really have a purpose? Our heads start to spin.
But everything we have is near we just have to be ourselves.
We may be square pegs in a round holed world
But purpose is not to be the best. Too sing in tune or dance a waltz.
Our hearts have to beat to the rhythm of 3,
Father, Son and Spirit.
For our purpose is not “it’s all about me”
Deciding our fit our purpose in life, crying why am I here.
Our only purpose in life is actually very clear.
To love the Father and his Son.
To accept that Jesus is the way.
The love that Jesus showed on the cross is the only message we need to share.
Grace, forgiveness, mercy & love is all We need to be.
To reflect God’s ways with all our actions. Pouring out his fragrance.
For it always God’s will which prevails. There is no easy way.
So don’t get confused with calling or our selfish plans.
Pray, worship and live each day for Father, Son and Spirit.
Even when we don’t feel like it, be loving, kind and forgiving.
Delivering the Father’s heart is the purpose we were born for.