This my war book.

My friend brought me this notebook as a gift.

This book is my go to book. My spiritual warfare book .

I don’t know if I’m the only one but sometimes I get into such a state I can’t articulate myself. Life starts defining me and not God. I start calling out a babble of nothing but a tear stained mess. I’m blabbing and gasping for breath and peace. I just can’t coherently think or pray.

This is when I go to this boring plain ordinary notebook which is far from ordinary in my world. In true DIY stationary geek style I have tabbed pages down the side. The tabs read Plans, Promises, Love, Protection, Faith, Peace, Strength, Freedom, Prayer, Authority and Praise.

Under each tab I have bible verses I feel match each of God’s words to us. I also have reflections I make, like what God’s heart looks like.

When I am that incoherent blabbing mess I go the tab I need and start by reading the bible verse. I then start turning the verses into my prayers making the words relevant to me. As I do this peace starts to flood my heart. My head becomes clearer and I feel the Holy Spirit and can start to connect with God completely more in his way than mine.

I don’t just use the verses and prayers for myself though. When I don’t know what to pray for others in need I also go to the book. When I’m not thinking very nice things about others I also go to this book. This book helps me to fight when I feel I can’t.

What do you use to help you connect/focus on God when everything seems like it is falling down a round you?

Dear Jesus, I thank you that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the Holy creator of the universe. You are my God and I earnestly seek you. I trust you and my whole being longs for you. You do not reject my prayer or withhold your love and compassion. I rejoice in you for you are my hope and salvation. You never change and always remain the same. my lips sing your praises forever, Amen.