“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. – John 13 v 34.

All I want to do sometimes is punch someone in the face. It’s such a strong urge. It takes over my body. Like every muscle just wants to grow tense, bulk out in ripples of tissue and sinew, a body builder would be jealous off! My arm would slowly draw back with clenched biceps so tightly coiled that when I move forward and hit that target it feels like a the force of a high speed train has been released from my body physically and emotionally.

Not Christian at all. Horrid in fact. But the truth is, this is how I feel sometimes. I would never hit anyone but can’t help the anger, rage and upset I feel inside. I’m certainly not proud of this but surely I cannot be alone?

Jesus tells us to love one another. My feelings aren’t of love, far from it. Love how can I possibly love?

My first thought today as I woke from my slumber was of forgiveness.

Lord I must forgive. You forgive me. Jesus I upset you all the time. Just by letting this anger rise I am sinning. By turning this anger into hate I am sinning more. Lord I need love. I need you. I need your Holy Spirit.

My prayer ends….do I feel different? Not really.

But as I wake properly make a million scones (well 72) anger starts to dissipate. Praying through the baking things start to happen. A text messages of love come through. Then another and another. Messages of love and encouragement from friends.

I guess the thing is loving one another is hard and difficult.

We always hurt the ones we love and the ones we love hurt us. But if we allow that anger and unforgiveness to brew it grows into things that aren’t of God.

God never promised life would be easy but he gave us his Son and Jesus has not left us alone. We have his Spirit. When we are in danger of losing the Spirit we need to quickly get into prayer to change us immediately.

Loving one another is not always easy but it is something we must do. We however do not do this alone.

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